Test equipment
Our inspection center equipped with more than 30 testing equipment including API 7K hose FSL2 impulse testing rig, full Omega dynamic impulse testbed, API 17B dynamic fatigue testing rig, testing rig for overall performance of largediameter high-pressure hose , different fire-proof testing rigs according to ISO15541 and API 16C, full-scale gas decompression testing chamber, industrial boroscope, tension/elongation/ adhesion testing machine, pressure testing system up to 400Mpa for high pressure testing, rubber rehometer, ozone resistance testing chamber, -60℃ ultralow temperature testing chamber, low temperature impacting testing machine, -40℃ testing room, cleanliness inspection/analysis instruments, and etc.
  • 20 T Multifunctional Pulling Machine
  • OMEGA Dynamic Impulse Test Rig
  • API17K Hose FSL2 Pulse Test Rig
  • Cleanliness Tester
  • Micro-controlled Electronic Univer...