yuelong fire-resistant hydraulic hose f offshe platfm has been appraised
DateTime: 2019-07-03

fire-resistant hydraulic hose f offshe drilling platfm produced by shong yuelong rubber plastic technology co., ltd. has passed the acceptance of shong science technology development plan project recently. after hearing the project rept, examining the acceptance materials conducting field investigation inquiry discussion, the expert group concluded that the yuelong fire-resistant hydraulic hose f offshe drilling platfm filled the domestic gap. its overall technology of the product has reached the international advanced level, its flame-resistant perfmance is superi to that of similar products abroad.

the maximum pressure of fire-resistant hydraulic hose f drilling cementing system on offshe drilling platfm, produced by yuelong company, can reach 15,000 lbf/inch2 (psi), the maximum length of a single hose can reach 61 meters, which can completely replace impted products. this type of hydraulic hose has been successively applied to high-end marine engineering equipment, such as "hysy 981" deepwater semi-submersible drilling platfm constructed by shanghai waigaoqiao shipbuilding co., ltd., the wlds first cylindrical drilling platfm constructed by nantong cosco shipping engineering co., ltd. the company also provides products services to me than 20 well-known oil drilling production equipment manufacturers, shipbuilding enterprises such as us nov, nway aker, us tsc , singape keppel fels, denmark maersk, cimc raffles, kea samsung dsme, as well as to cnooc, sinopec, petrochina other energy companies

yuelongs fire-resistant hydraulic hose has won two national invention patents four utility model patents. it has been approved by api, dnv, abs, ccs, iso 9001:2008, gb/t28001, iso 14001 etc. in addition, authized by the national stard management committee, the company is currently drafting the national stard of fire-resistant hydraulic tension hose f offshe drilling platfm.

yuelong direct said that in the future, the company will continue to develop the research of marine products, striving to occupy an absolute leading position in the domestic offshe drilling platfm hose market.

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